BUILDING the TEAM spirit

Part One

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Team building activities is a process that is designed to build morale and cohesiveness within a group of people. It is a way to foster a spirit of cooperation among the employees.

With the challenges that the last two years brought us and the rise of mobile connection, we became less social than ever. And while building the team in number, we decided that it is time for a team building.

In the spirit, with the coming of the warm weather, us at eLando decided that it is time to bring the team together. What better way to celebrate than going to a leisure weekend? 

We operate in 3 offices in Bulgaria and due to the pandemic, some of our colleagues did not have the chance to meet in person…. until last weekend. 

We visited the Medite Resort&Spa where we got to bond under the sun and exchange ideas and experience. Lucky for us, the weather allowed us to enjoy the pool and the SPA in the hotel, relax and get to know each other. 

During our stay, we managed to combine work and leisure by conducting an all-hands meeting where our CEO – Stanimir Boychev, CBDO- Georgi Tonchev, and CTO- Rali Ralev, laid down the vision, strategy and the upcoming projects. At the end we had a “get to know your colleague” session where everybody presented their current projects and what is their current role in the company. 

After the meeting, we had a bonding dinner, followed by collectively playing board games and enjoying our time together. 

This was a great opening to the summer season, and we all came back recharged and ready to tackle the IT world.  

Part Two

“Melnik and Rozhen Monastery”

Continuing our previous post – after a long day of enjoying  life around the pool, we had a  historical, wine-tasting and life-savouring trip to the smallest town in Bulgaria – Melnik. Melnik might be a tiny town, but with incredible history holding the spirit of the past and keeps the Bulgarian traditions alive.

Our first stop was the Wine Museum in town. We had an amusingly organised tour through the traditions and technologies of producing the famous local wine from a specific indigenous grape type called Shiroka Melnishka. 

 As a group, we were offered to play the role of sommeliers and try different flavours of their most popular local wine selection and dive into the world of taste, wine making and fine living.

After the exciting tour, we visited a well- known restaurant in town that offers traditional food specific for the region. We managed to snap a selfie or two to capture the moment and digged in the amazing tasting food, surrounded by laughter and great team spirit. 

After that we headed to one of the best hidden, but wonderfully preserved and spiritual monastareies in our country – Rozhen Monastery. A holy place dating from 13th century having unique Byzantine and Bulgarian vitrages. After a mandatory candle lighting and walking around the lovely gardens, we bought some great testing wine, and headed back to the resort to have a lovely afternoon at the pool.

The night we finished with a lavish dinner, followed by lobby talk and board games until late at night. Refreshed and recharged, everybody headed back, filled with good memories and great experiences. 

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