Marsoft Inc is a privately held company founded in 1984, with offices in Boston, London and Oslo. Their sole focus is the maritime industry.

They provide expert, objective, and timely support for investment, chartering and financing decisions. Their quantitative models have accurately predicted volatile shipping cycles over more than three decades.

​Marsoft decision support systems integrate data and analysis to turbocharge our client’s decision-making process.


Marsoft was using internal system that had limited functionalities. It only covered a small portion of the tasks that the company was getting as requests. They needed to keep up with the digitalisation of the world and to offer their clients an experience with a web application.

With the growth of their clients, they had to expand the list of functionalities that can be accessed from the application. The volume of requests and the traffic on their website was also growing and they needed a compact solution to handle those new combining activities. 


eLando onboarded two of our top-performing developers for this project. The solution that was designed is a web application that covers the need for digital enhancement. The web application is tracking and analysing occurring tendencies and world events for the marine industry. Based on these, it converts metrics and data with detailed charts and tables which help clients to base their future endeavours in the business. 


After eLando took over this project, the results from the solution are better customer experience and satisfaction rates. The web – application receives excellent feedback for being user-friendly and increased the interest in the company. 

The outdated system was not cost-efficient for the company, apart from succeeding in this vertical, the new application is also time and resource saving for both the company and the clients. 

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