Shumen office visit and Executive Workshop

This week our Board of Directors have visited one of our key offices in Shumen.

The purpose of the visit was to celebrate the enlargement of the office there, the growing team and the new client accounts that will be served from there.

eLando has been growing rapidly and the regular visit from our Directors helps with the keeping the local team informed and motivated, as well as nourishing the spirit of our company culture of inclusiveness and togetherness.

After the fruitful meetings & workshops with the team in Shumen, the Board has travelled to the seaside for the half-yearly Strategy Workshop where they gathered and brainstormed ideas and strategies for the company’s goals for the rest of 2022;

This time the workshop was just in time for July Morning celebration and a hard-working weekwas awarded with a beautiful sunrise on the Bulgarian Black Sea cost of Kavarna and attendance of the local rock festival too.

The summer season isfilled with joy and vacation vibes, but we at eLando know how to combine both work and leisure and reach the best results in the meantime.

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Team Building

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